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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Interactive Twitter ad for Volkswagen: I like it!

Found via Adverblog: Your tweet, your Volkswagen: a "rich media banner that profiles your tweets and gets back to you with the recommendation of the ideal Volkswagen for you."

Click on the screenshot below to try it out for yourself:

I'm not sure how this application can analyse my 5,000+ Tweets so fast, but it helped me discover that the VW Jetta is the perfect Volkswagen for me. According to an unverified Twitter source, there are 26,965 active Belgian twitterers. Compared to the 5,5 million online Belgians that's definitely a niche audience but still: very impressive and creative ad campaign.

1 comment:

nicholas gill [bluurb.wordpress.com] said...

Hi Clo
Likewise re: quick analysis but I ended up with the Golf GTi so happy ;-)
I think it's great to see mash up advertising like this even though it is niche. Experimentation and pushing boundaries is good. Twitter experimentation is only going to continue, take a look at the work Vodafone are doing with #ukhols this year http://www.ukholsmap.com/.
They also did some great integration with Vodafoe Live Guy earlier this year too.