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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Social Media - made simple.

Picture by http://www.flickr.com/photos/aslanmedia_official/
There are so many social media and networking sites, and for many people it can be confusing to know what they are all for - and how people are using them. This posting is an attempt to simplify that for everyone. Hopefully helps, in a slightly amusing way, helps you to understand how and what people are using them for.

I cannot claim entirely that this approach of explaining what social media sites is all my own inspiration, as had seen something like this floating about online and from what I remember (and adding some of my own spin), here is a simple way to illustrate what each of the social media sites floating about are used for.....

  • Twitter: I am drinking a cup of #coffee
  • Facebook: I like drinking coffee
  • Foursquare: This is where I am drinking coffee right now
  • YouTube: Here is a video of me drinking coffee
  • LinkedIn: My skills include drinking coffee
  • Flickr: My photos of people drinking coffee
  • Last FM: I am listening to "One more cup of coffee" by Bob Dylan
  • Pinterest: Here are the brands of coffee I like
  • Slideshare: Here is a presentation about drinking coffee
  • Badoo: Looking to meet a partner of the opposite sex who likes drinking coffee
  • Gaydar: Looking to meet a gay man who likes drinking coffee
  • MeetUp: Join our meeting of coffee drinkers on Thursday
  • WAYN: Places around the world I have drunk coffee

Hope this helps!

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