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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Why Joining us at Interact 2009

Opportunities and Challenges are knocking on the doors of the Digital Industry. The actual economical recession is forcing people to rethink their business models and their business practices. Traditional media having embraced massively the digital platforms are confronted to find new ways to fund the eco-system. Consumers are engaging as never before, brands are shaped by them and audiences are shifting towards social media.
Making marketing more relevant and performance based seems achievable within digital platforms as techniques are becoming more sophisticated bringing the right message to the right people at the right time and on the right place, but the regulator is worried!
All of these items will be discussed during IAB Europe’s 3rd Interact edition in Brussels on June 10-11-12 : don’t miss the most important event of 2009 meeting with some of the leader’s of the Converged Digital Industry :
- 4 unique Panel debates talking how to survive the crisis with major captain’s of our industry questioned by senior chairman
- 4 powerful opinions from some Key-note speakers representing major players of the industry : Google, Orange, Lbi and Microsoft
- 1 roundtable with Madelin talking about the e-privacy debate and behavioural advertising
- 1 Mia (audience measurement) worksession providing feedback from a worldwide survey
- the AdEx Benchmark Europe report explaining 2008 in depth
- the Global Summit, an i-Com session and a Global Brand Think Tank
- many useful and practical Industry workshops
- a Research showcase to understand Social Media
- and more importantly a lot of moments to network with some 250 Executive people from the industry coming from all over the world.
Look forward seeing you there : Alain Heureux – President and Ceo of IAB Europe, the voice of the digital industry at National and

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