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Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Serial resetters and online gamers distort visitor metrics

Top ten websites by time per visit

  1. RuneScape (the massive online adventure game by Jagex Ltd) - 6hrs 32mins

  2. Electronic Arts Online (online game service) - 3h 07m

  3. Bebo (MySpace Alternative) - 2h 37m

  4. Facebook (social networking service for students, corporate, and geographic communities) 2h 28m

  5. eBay - 1h 55m

  6. King.com (free online games) - 1h 53m

  7. Adventure Quest (Role Playing Game) - 1h 35m

  8. Fox Interactive Media (MySpace) - 1h 11m

  9. Club Penguin (kid-friendly virtual world) - 1h 10m

  10. Cartoon Network (free games featuring Cartoon Network characters) - 1h 09m

Web counting tools 'need change': "The post Web 2.0 world is best represented by measuring time spent on particular websites, argues [Nielsen/NetRatings] analyst Alex Burmaster."

From the same BBC article: ""It is clear that a certain segment of internet users clears its cookies very frequently. These 'serial resetters' have the potential to wildly inflate a site's internal unique visitor tally, because just one set of 'eyeballs' at the site may be counted as 10 or more unique visitors over the course of a month," explained comScore president Dr Magid Abraham."

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Danny Meadows-Klue said...

If anyone would like more on this, then we've written up a few comments about NetRatings debrief to IAB Europe at the European Leadership Council: you can find them here http://iabeuropecongress.blogspot.com/2007/05/lets-get-engaged.html and there is more being posted on IABeurope.ws. Some of the debate was developed at the European Emetrics Summit in London and they filmed one of my sessions there when I returned to the challenge of measuring Engagement - you can view it here: http://analytics.digitalstrategyconsulting.com/ - Hope this is useful.