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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Dutch customer service research: e-mail still preferred contact channel

Trinicom, a Dutch vendor of Customer Interaction Management and web based self-service solutions, has announced the results of the edition 2009 of it’s customer service report.

One of the findings of the report is that the main functions that customers expect to find on a website are…an e-mail address and a telephone number. E-mail, the research, says, is still the most popular tool to ask questions to a company.

A fax number is the least important this year, last year the last place was for chatboxes. So there maybe is life for all kinds of live contact chat tools. But still: the traditional customer service channels are the most preferred.

When sending an e-mail to the customer service of a company, 54.5% of the respondents expect at least a notification that the mail has been received and in what timeframe it will be answered.

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