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Monday, 23 June 2008

The power of context, as shown by facebook

I know there has been a lot of press, and some false starts, with Facebook's attempts to deliver ads based on a user's interests and what they get up to on the site (or even partner sites).

There was some learning for me recently.

First of all: something I found intrusive

I had posted a review of a hotel on one of my most favourite travel sites, Tripadvisor.com. A small pop-up appeared on the bottom right of my screen saying that a note that I had posted a review on Tripadvisor was going to be posted onto my facebook mini-feed on my profile.

I was surprised and then a bit annoyed. I guess I must have somewhere at sometime told either of the sites I used the other. But this felt a bit like snooping. And I wasn't really sure of the benefit to me.

Secondly: something I thought was pretty cool.

I had received an email from a friend on facebook asking if I knew someone that tracked and managed user generated content to be submitted onto brand or company websites. I started writing him a note back suggesting he speak to Dan Hawtrey who used to work with me who now had his own internet/ intranet content management company called Content Formula. When I typed in the name a small ad and link for the company appeared and I was asked if I wanted to include that in my reply.

I thought it was a really cool, helpful feature. It saved me looking up Dan's contact details and site and gave the person I was sending the suggestion to relevant information. I also did not find it intrusive as it was not personal but triggered by me typing within their site a brand / company name.

This was a good example of getting contextual advertising right. Information relevant when topic and need was there.

Any thoughts? Leave a comment on the blog using the comments button at the bottom of the posting or email me at gary@bembridge.co.uk


Anonymous said...

KENOSHA.Wi. 53142 April 28,2008


I am a citizen of the United States and have been addressing several Senators with the issues and problems to follow
including Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama as well as several others and will in the near future be speaking in front of
you all because of Americans being held hostage by Navy personnel from Great Lakes Navy base as well as by
veterans used to Stalk and intimidate by the abuse of Power of the IRS and the United States Dept. of Justice. I
have been taken out of and kept from employment by them as they attempt a hostile search for money, i have my
phones tapped and computer hacked by government personnel spending alot of government budget following me
everyday for at least 8 months, all my family and past associates has been paid by them to create some ftctious story
because of a conspiracy, initated by the FBI from Chicago and brought to Wisconsin. All of this is a clear violation of
my Civil Rights and also the rights of my daughter who has been questioned and harrassed at school by them, she
is 5 years old. I have had to replace my computer 3 times because they are camped upstairs and i listen to them thru
the vents as they call themselves strategizing but not very well if I hear your every attempt to play on American
citizens.My family has had their cars as well as i have tampered by them in and attempt to get us or me to spend
money, they have raised bills above normal, been in my garage leaving lights on in an order to do so stopped my
emails from reaching their intended destinations and faked as the recipient, they have acted as operators and
fake being the person I called on the other line, I have been told by the police that they would not do anything
because they know who it is which is fither showing the attempt to keep me hostage. I have filed lawsuits and will
continue because I believe even that was manipulated by them as everything and everyone else has been, I have
talked to the security chief after calling the Chief of Great Lakes Navybase, no cooperation, Bush is who I believe
brought this because of corrupt judges from Chicago, after I brought this out to officials. American citizens who are
not terrorist being treated as if they are, I say send some more troops to war since we have so many of them to follow
people around everyday, someone is reimbursing them for this large price tag of surviellance. I see the plan must
be to discredit or in gov. terms attempt to burn me or ruin my career because they have some corrupt people in
the government.
Darryl Kinney 7301 98th Ave. UnitD
Kenosha,WI 53142 262-237-1310

Anonymous said...


Darryl Kinney )
Jada Kinney ) CASE # 08-C-0460
v. )
U.S. Dept. of Justice ) JUDGE: Charles N. Clevert Jr.
& )
I.R.S )

Plaintiffs Darryl Kinney("Kinney") and Jada Kinney against the Defendants by himself,

hereby files his Amended Complaint against the Defendants U.S. Dept. of Justice("DOJ") the I.R.S. which

includes the U.S. Navy and the F.B.I. all hailing from Wisconsin and Illinois Plaintiffs allege as follows:

1. This is an action that arises under Title VII of the Civil Rights A ct of 1964,
42 U.S.C. §§ 2000e, et seq., as amended by the Civil Rights Act of 1991, and under 42 U.S.C.
§ 1981.because both Kinney's are African Americans,.Racial Discrimination.
2. Stalker laws ( WIS. Statute 940.32, 214 Wis. 2d 548,571)
3. Harrassment laws ( Wis. Statute 947.013)
4. Internet fraud ( Fake websites hacking, Fed.Statute Ann. 254 U.S. 17,41 S.Ct. 11 65 U.S.,
5. Section 1030 of the Computer Fraud and abuse Act)
6. Child questioning ( discretion of the court since none specific)
7. Mental Anguish (254 U.S. 17, 41 Sup. Ct. 11,65 U.S.)
8. Employment harassment(Fake customers and Coercing)
9. Corruption of Government Agencies(EEOC, Unemployment)
10. Conspiracy (Wis. Statute 939.31, 18 U.S.C 371)
11. Abuse of Power (title 18 sections 241-242 U.S.C, Title 42, section 1983)
12. Telephone tapping (Wis. Statute 885.365)
13. Mental and Physical abuse( 750 ILCS 60/103)
14. Plaintiffs Darryl Kinney and Jada Kinney are both African American citizens who reside in Wisconsin
and Illinois cities of Kenosha and Waukegan.
15. Defendants D.O.J. is an agency established under the Laws of the United States and Wisconsin and Illinois
with an office located at 114 E. Capitol Dr, Madison , Wisconsin.
16. Defendants I.R.S. is an agency established under the laws governed by the United States and Wisconsin and
Illinois with an office at 545 Zor Shrine Dr. Madison, Wisconsin.
17.At all relevant times D.O.J. acted thru its agents utilizing the U.S. Navy active and retireed duty, including
Katrina Kigoda and the Kenosha and Waukegan Police Dept..
18. At all relevant times the I.R.S. used its agents and those of the U.S. Navy active and retired duty
and the Kenosha and Waukegan Police Dept..
19. Both the D.O.J. and the I.R.S. have headquarters in Wisconsin and Illinois. With over 100 employees an
at all relevant times subject to all Federal and State laws forementioned.
20. This court has original jurisdiction pursuant to 28 U.S.C.§§ 1331, 1343.
21. This court also has supplemental jurisdiction over Kinneys state and common law claims pursuant to
28 U.S.C. §§ 1367(a)
22. Venue is proper in this judicial district pursuant to 28 U.S.C.§§ 1391(b)

23. Kinney's also allege violations under the laws of the State of Wisconsin.

24. This action also violates the EEO laws in Wisconsin.

25. Also unlawful surveillance home and at work and illegal harassment on the job and
private life. 26.Plaintiff had fake customers on the job calling with phony complaints as work was sabotaged by these Defendants.
27. Both Kiimey's have experiences emotional and Jada Simone Kimiey has experienced physical abuse
by family set into motion by these organizations.
28. This action also includes defamation of character.
29. In mid-2007 thru 2008 direct or indirect harassment was caused at Plaintiffs employer, thru actions
causing mental harassment, by tearing up Plaintiffs truck by Sears manager, message left was taped by
Plaintiff of this action.
30. In 2008 mid year Plaintiffs family was led to attempt making false claims about plaintiff
in emails by direct or indirect contact from the defendants.
31. Plaintiffs computer has been hacked daily and destroyed to try to keep evidence from being seen
by Defendants, upstairs.
32. In 2008 mid-year Plaintiffs family members have had their cars tampered with by the Defendants.
33. In mid year 2007 unitl present Plaintiff has had his phones tapped by defendants.
34. Since Sept. 2007 unitl present Plaintiff has had his computer created with fake websites and has
had had his emails blocked from reaching their destinations.
35. Plaintiff has had the two state area put on a watch him type military status from mid
2007 until present by the defendants.
36. Employers have been asked not to hire the plaintiff by the Defendants.
37. From mid 2007 until present.Plaintiffs have been attempting to create a blackball situation
with the help of several agencies.
38. The defendants have used their power to stop government agencies from doing their jobs
where the Plaintiff is concerned.
39. Plaintiff has been subjected to actions of discrimination because of the actions of the Defendants
spreading harassing rumors.
40. Plaintiff is followed every day everyplace he goes, by the Defendants.
41. Plaintiff has been told by a Kenosha Detective because of the Defendants being who they are,
that they would not do their job.
42. Plaintiff has filed complaints thru multiple police stations with no assistance because of who the
Police say the Defendants are.
43. Plaintiff has had every aspect of his privacy invaded by the Defendants, from cameras to taps.
44. Plaintiffs daughter has been put in a position for abuse to take place by direct actions of the Defendnants.
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46. Plaintiff has had his phone calls rerouted to people who were not the real contacts.
47. Plaintiff has been targeted by the Defendants because of corruption from Chicago.
48. Plaintiff has come home to find his garage has been broken into with electronic code readers
and they leave the garage lights on to run up my bill and have me being charged extra.
49. I have them playing with my internet service by calling and disabling it regularly with their fake
50. The defendants now know from hacking my computer they are being sued and are asking
everyone to try a different lie that they have talked to.
51. Plaintiffs is leaving the two States that are in this conspiracy together and will be speaking before
the U.S. Senate about these issues so they can never happen again to Americans.
52. Plaintiff was told by a video store employee that the military was running around and wish they could
shoot me, now his video store is closed, located on 52nd st. Lion Video.
53. Plaintiffs wife has lied in Illinois state court writing statements that are lies verifiable thru the true sources,
one being my daughters daycare, as far as her being taken by defendants from school.


Which thru discovery have the pertinent information to prove or assist in proving violations,

who have dirct or indirect knowledge of events:
1) Piaintiff s Darryl Kinney and Jada Simone Kinney are of African American descent
and at this time Darryl Kinney and Jada Simone Kinney in Kenosha,WI
2) President George W. Bush located in the White House in Washington, D.C.
Vice President Dick Chaney in Washington, D.C.
Defendants Dept. of Justice is localed in Wisconsin and all over the United States
including Washington. D.C..
Don Kinney, Eric Kinney located in Kansas.
Barack Obama located in Washington, D.C.(IL)

City of Kenosha Police Dept. located Kenosha and includes the Mayors office.
Sen. Barbara Mills in Washington (MD)
REV. Al Sharpton located in New York.
ACLU located in Wisconsin and every U.S. state.
Senator Ryan in Washington D.C. (WI)
Sen. Dick Durbin un Washington (IL).
Sen. Feingold in Washington (WI)
Speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi located in Washington, D.C.
Wendy Martin of the Wisconsin EEOC branch.
Waukegan Police Dept. located in Waukegan Jll.
Attorney General Lisa Madigan's Chicago office located in Chicago and
18)Defendants Dept. of Revenue Illinois located in Illinois.
The U.S. Dept. of Justice located in Wisconsin and Washington, D.
The FBI located in Kansas and Chicago and Washington, D.C.
NAACP located in Illinois and throughout the U.S.
Chicago Tribune located in Chicago,Ill.
22) And a list of 100 to be inserted at end as witness or Defendants
23) Chanel 6 News located in Wisconsin and New Jersey
24) CNN news located in New Jersey.
25) Computer Exchange located in Kenosha and Milwaukee.

26) Sears and A&E a subsidiary of Sears nationwide and Wisconsin.
27) Katrina Kigoda the upstairs criminal hacker house.
28) Judge Barbara Kluka Kenosha Circuit Court.
29) Senate Budget Committee.
30) Ms. Barnes Pricipal Patti Cake daycare.
WHEREFORE, Kinney respectfully request that the court:
1. Enter judgment that D.O.J. and the I.R.S. have violated Kinneys rights under foremention laws and statutes.
2. Enter a judgment for damages of $50,000,000.00 for all violation including emotional and other abuses under
the laws forementioned, which includes Punitive and Compensatory damages.
3. Pay for any reasonable legal Assistance from lawyers or otherwise incurred during this process.
4. Order that Defendants pay for lost wages and travel expenses from state to state cost, including
interest, in an amout to be shown at trial.
5. Order that Defendants pay for future lost wages in an amout to be shown at trial.
6. Order the public apology over a T.V. Broadcast for the defamation of professional and personal relationships lost
because of thier actions.
7. Grant Kinney such other and further relief as is just.

respectfully submitted,
Plaintiff Pro Se
Darryl Kinney
signed & dated

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